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karmabundle.com presents Karma Bundle Vol. 1

This collection of four fabulous albums is yours to download for a price that is completely up to you. Listen to and learn more about the independent artists of Vol. 1, below.

DDL Roundhouse

Things Change
Way Back When

DDL Roundhouse
DDL Roundhouse is a 9 person Los Angeles-based hip hop live band whose music conveys each of its individuals’ personalities and passions, invoking many musical stylings such as hip hop, rock, blues, funk and jazz. Its combination of multiple genres to form its own blend of music is evident in every song. Each track is the band’s appreciation for what has come before them, as well as a mark of its own originality as shown in their two independently released CD’s; “The DDL Roundhouse EP” and “Connect”.

Comprised of Chris (vocals), Mike (vocals), Erika (vocals), Rob (drums), Jason (keys), Kris (bass/vocals), Alex (guitar), Taylor (Trumpet) and Barry (turntables), DDL Roundhouse has one goal: to share with the rest of the world their own brand of the one universal language – music. Whether playing for a crowd of 1 or 1,000, or even in a studio to cater to the masses listening in their cars or iPods, DDL Roundhouse hopes that every note played and every word said or sung will leave a lasting impression on its listeners.

Check out the music video for "Martini" right here:

DDL Roundhouse's website is here: ddlroundhouse.com

The Mighty Social Club

Written All Over Your Face
Get Up & GO!
Come & Get it

The Mighty Social Club Hailing from Carson, and Inglewood, the Mighty Social club most definitely reign supreme. Jayou, and DJ Cali Reds’ love for music speaks true through their raw lyrics and melodic flow that captures every audience’s ears. This hip hop family felt their chemistry instantly upon meeting, working retail at a clothing store. It didn’t take long to transfer the lyrics from the freestyles that took place in the store room to the stage in 2005. Five years in the making, this captivating group has been developing some of the most unique, eclectic, raw, fresh sounds in the industry. The duo brings thier new album With Love.

Here is their latest single "Daylight Supreme" that you can download for free at freethesocialites.com.


Adven -tures
Twisted Metal Rejekts
Area 33rd

sunnmoon sekt Sunnmoonsekt features Hard Rard and Irahktherigor, two members of the larger group known as the Slumplordz, which additionally includes Ogre, Gravy, Davie Doses and The Littest. While the focus of this album lies on Rard and Irahktherigor, all of the members of the Slumplordz can be heard in this release. The Slumplordz are a collective of MCs and Producers who live hip-hop and have a wide range of music and sociopolitical thought.


Hot City
Moving On

festizio Festizio is a San Francisco-based alternative band combining driving rock with orchestral synth, ambient dance and classic American soul. It's members are Keane Li (vocals, guitar), Ryan Scott (keyboard, synth) and Nicholas Mitrousis (drums). Festizio’s second studio release, Hot City, combines the band’s numerous musical influences into a sound unlike anything else today. Have a look at Festizio's website here: festizio.net

Check back soon for Karma Bundle Vol. 2...